Giant step for our adorable Bluebell today. She started her life as a happy pony then through no fault of anyone she ended up in the wrong hands and was the victim of some horrible, cruel people who hurt her both mentally and physically resulting in a terrified pony who decided to look out for herself and trust nobody.

Since she came to live with our therapy pony family 2 years ago, we have been working slowly and steadily to gain her trust again (not an easy job) and the last thing she needed to achieve was being caught without a field headcollar being worn 24/7. Well, today SHE DID JUST THAT.

Headcollar is now OFF and she is happy to be caught like any other normal pony. It means so much to see her grazing without a headcollar on. She is a true fighter who desperately wanted to trust again and she has overcome so much fear to do just that.