The Lister Hospital

OMG….. Charlie and Romeo melted the patients, visitors, nurses, doctors and physiotherapists, infact everybody’s hearts today during a Therapy visit to The Lister Hospital, Stevenage. Everyone loved them and they just loved going around the wards to say hello to so many people. Many times they were ‘completely swallowed up’ in the crowds of people who wanted to stroke, kiss and cuddle these cute, adorable shetland ponies. So many people turned out to see the ponies going around the Hospital. Everyone had to look twice as they couldn’t believe they were actually ponies and we had 100’s of lovely comments about how chilled out they were and how well behaved with so many people. The ponies fell asleep in patients arms whilst they hugged them in their beds.
Official photos will be added soon. Well done Charlie, Romeo, Sarah and Foo. This is Pony Therapy at its BEST.


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